600ml Hot/Cold Brew Tea Infuser



Tea infuser perfect for both cold brew and hot brew tea. 600ml (20oz), includes a protective sleeve.

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Our cold-brew tea infuser is a specialized device used to make cold-brewed tea. It is designed to hold loose-leaf tea or tea bags and allows for the tea to steep in cold water, rather than hot water, which produces a smoother, less bitter tea.

To use a cold brew tea infuser, you simply add your desired amount of loose-leaf tea or tea bags to the infuser, and then fill the container with cold water. The infuser is then left in the refrigerator or at room temperature for several hours or overnight, allowing the tea to slowly steep.

Cold-brew tea infusers are a convenient and easy way to make a large batch of cold-brewed tea without the need for hot water. They are also useful for making flavored water, by adding fresh fruits, herbs, or spices to the infuser along with the tea leaves.

Our infuser is also perfect for hot-brew tea. Using the included stainless steel strainer, just add the desired amount of loose-leaf tea and hot water and place it in the protective and insulated sleeve.

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